ENGLAND centre-back TYRONE MINGS chats ahead of The Three Lions’ second group stage game against Scotland!



MINGS SAYS: “I think we played well together! I don’t think we did anything that we haven’t done for our clubs all season, so I don’t think there was necessarily any surprises. I think it was the first time we’ve played together in a back four. But our whole back four was flooded with experience, other than myself. I enjoyed it!”


MINGS SAYS: “The last few days is something that you can never prepare for! To be told that I was starting was exciting and daunting at the same time. I didn’t get much sleep before the game, I didn’t eat too much before the game, which was a mixture of excitement and nerves. They’re things you have to go through to gain the experience. I loved every minute of it. I was grateful and honoured to be chosen to start for England!”


MINGS SAYS: “We’re aware of the history of the game and the rivalry, but at the end of the day our first aim is to qualify from the group! It’s going to be a very difficult game but at the same time it’s the next step in our progression in this tournament. That’s what we’re thinking about at the moment! Both teams go into it knowing what’s at stake. They’ll be preparing to try to beat England, as England will be preparing to try to beat Scotland!”


MINGS SAYS: “After the game there was a little bit of relief – that game was out of the way, we’ve now settled into the tournament. In terms of around the camp, the mood is relatively stable at all times! For longevity, it’s important not to get too high after wins or beat yourself up too much after losses!”


MINGS SAYS: “It starts in training! It starts by having a really good group. It starts by everybody pushing each other. There really is no time to let your standards drop or be reflective of what was a good weekend for us. We do it at our clubs on a weekly basis and we’re trying to fill 11 shirts, but there are 26 people here trying to do the same thing. That’s healthy. We’re only as good as the squad and the people that aren’t playing!”


MINGS SAYS: “There is absolutely competition for places and I think he’s somebody that I look up to in terms of a centre-back and somebody that’s so consistent with a lot of pressure on he’s shoulders. He’s a person that I take a lot of inspiration from, so to be mentioned in the same breath as him is a compliment in itself!”


MINGS SAYS: “It was amazing! You always dream of playing for England at Wembley and to do it at a major tournament with your friends and family, and fans, was really special. It was a moment that will last long in my memory. It’s certainly one of the best days of my football career!”

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