LIVERPOOL’s Champions League winner and UEFA Player Of The Year chats to MATCH!


VIRGIL SAYS: “Last year doesn’t count anymore. Everybody was still enjoying having won the Champions League when we came back, but straight away it was down to playing again. We don’t have anything that we can use from last year other than trying to be confident and believing in our ability. We have to work hard in every match, stay focused on making a good start and push on!”


VIRGIL SAYS: “If everyone stays fit, then we are definitely going to be stronger than last year. But we play so many games – all of the teams that play in the Champions League have that, and we also have the FIFA Club World Cup as well, so we have to manage that and hopefully everyone can stay fit and enjoy the games.”


VIRGIL SAYS: “We want to compete in all competitions. It’s something we aim for. We won the Champions League last year but, if you look at the other cup competitions we played in, we didn’t do great. We’re going to give it a go and try to get as far as possible in every competition!”


VIRGIL SAYS: “It’s been 30 years since Liverpool won the title, but  I’ve only been here for one and a half of those. The traditional top six all want to win the Premier League – and so do we. Last year we were close and we will go for it again. We have a great squad with great qualities all over the pitch, so we want to improve for the fans!”


VIRGIL SAYS: “We know everyone’s going to improve around us because last year it felt like it was a two-horse race, but this year we know teams will want to get closer. Everyone’s saying it’s going to be a two-horse race again, but we just need to be consistent and ensure we stay up there. We want to improve and do better than we did last year.”


VIRGIL SAYS: “City play with a lot of quality throughout the whole
team and they won’t change their philosophy whatsoever this season. It’s always going to be tough against them. I think they showed us some respect in the Community Shield and that’s always a good sign. Hopefully we can make it very difficult in our future matches against them.”


VIRGIL SAYS: “It’s not easy to shut off the pressure completely. Personally, I like to put things into perspective.  There are lot of things more important than football, and we’re blessed with what we do. We do what we love, especially playing for a club as big as Liverpool. You need to enjoy it, but the pressure will always be there.”


VIRGIL SAYS: “Hopefully I can score more goals this season. With my height and qualities with heading, I should be a little bit more dangerous, but it’s not easy. Most of the time I’m marked by the best defensive header of the ball from the other team, but it’s something I’m definitely attempting to improve!”