Barcelona’s Luis Suarez is an expert goal grabber, and one of the main ways he busts nets is by shooting early before the keeper can get set! Here’s how he does it…


To finish first time like Suarez, the first thing you need to do when you are near the goal is check where the keeper is before you receive the pass.


Now keep an eye on your team-mate with the ball. As soon as the pass comes towards you, get to the ball as quickly as you can before the defender.



Before you strike the ball, if you have time, take another quick look to see where the keeper is standing. Then get ready to pick your spot.


Finally, just concentrate on making good contact. Use your instep, laces or outside of the boot – whichever gets the shot away quickest – and keep your effort on target!


  1. Get a mate to stand to the side of the goal 20 yards out. He then passes the ball forward into your stride as you run up.
  2. As soon as you get to the ball, finish first time. Try scoring at least once with your instep, laces and outside of the boot.
  3. Once you’ve scored five goals, do the drill again finishing with your weaker foot, then swap over with your mate!