Real Madrid and Wales superstar Gareth Bale is one of the fastest players on the planet! Here’s some tips and tricks, plus an awesome drill to make the most of your pace – just like the lightning-fast forward!


When running with the ball, use the laces part of your foot as you travel for maximum speed – just like the Real Madrid legend. Work on the Pull Push ball mastery skill within the drill video to perfect your technique!


TIP 2: 1 V 1 MOVE

When the Welsh wing wizard doesn’t have space to run and is blocked by an opponent in front or to the side, he busts out the Chop 1 v 1 Move to create space to run, pass or shoot. Work on the Chop Move within the drill video to dominate your opponent 1 v 1!


Now practise doing this speed drill by watching the video above!

STEP 1 – Perform the Pull Push ball mastery (10 x Touches)
STEP 2 – Stop the ball and sprint to Cone 1
STEP 3 – Turn left then sprint to Cone 2
STEP 4 – Travel with the ball to Cone 3
STEP 5 – Dribble around Cone 3 & then Cone 4
STEP 6 – Travel into the centre of the grid
STEP 7 – Perform a 1 v 1 Chop Move and accelerate out of the grid


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