Footy legend Lionel Messi loves busting out the Drag Push to create space for himself to the left or right of an opponent.

It’s perfect for doing when the defender is in front of you!


If you don’t have the space to dribble, have a shot or are unable pass to a team-mate, use this ace 1 v 1 move! The Barcelona magician does it all the time to get himself out of trouble! Check out how to practise the skill yourself below!

Mirror Moves – Drag Push

  1. As you move forward, lean into the ball and drag it into your stride with the inside of your foot.
  2. Drop your shoulder in the direction the ball is moving – as if you’re trying to dummy an opponent.
  3. Use the outside of your foot to push the ball in the opposite direction and hop to help you burn away!

Mirror Moves – Drag Scissors

  1. As you move forward, pull the ball across your body and lean into it as it rolls across you.
  2. Short hop in the opposite direction, then go around the ball with the same foot you used to drag it across you.
  3. As this foot touches the ground, use the opposite foot to accelerate away!

Ball Mastery – Inside/Outside Cut

  1. As you move forward, cut the ball from side to side with the inside and outside of your foot.
  2. Keep your knees soft and body over the ball – this helps your balance and lets you change direction quickly.
  3. Sneak a look in front and to the side as you move forward – picture team-mates, opponents and space.

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