ENGLAND manager GARETH SOUTHGATE chats about The Three Lions’ upcoming match against Germany in the last 16 of Euro 2020!


SOUTHGATE SAYS: “It’s really complicated! They’re having to travel separately to the team. They’ve had individual training programmes this week. The only sessions they’ve been able to join in with us is when there’s not full team training. That’s the basis of which we’ve had to make the decision!”


SOUTHGATE SAYS: “I think it’s something we’ve talked a lot about as a team over the last four years! This team has that opportunity. Previous eras we’ve always talked bout the past, their records, baggage and there’s no reason for these boys to feel that way. I think we’re all looking forward to the game tomorrow. It’s a real opportunity for us to progress to a quarter-final!”

EURO 1996!

SOUTHGATE SAYS: “We don’t have to mention it! I think you can make these things as big in your head as you want really. There is of course great excitement with fans and people tuning in to the game but we’ve got to trust in the way we prepare. We need to focus on the things we can control!”


SOUTHGATE SAYS: “It was important for a couple of days for the player to just relax and have a lower physical output! Now we’ve been able to get a lot of work done on the training ground, some tactical work, which is important for this game in particular!”


SOUTHGATE SAYS: “There’s obviously a lot of football before that moment. First and foremost we need to get the 90 minutes right. In that eventuality, he’s very good at stopping penalties. Psychologically for us that’s very important and most goalkeepers are good at striking the ball. His ability to save penalties is a great thing for us!”


SOUTHGATE SAYS: “I think every time you pull an England shirt on you have the opportunity to score a goal that will be shown forever! That’s the beauty of playing for your country. If you think of all the big players in history, it’s normally in an international shirt that their biggest memories are formed. It’s an opportunity that few get and these lads have earned it!”


SOUTHGATE SAYS: “One of the things we did after the World Cup in Brazil, we did a big study on Germany – their development programme. They’ve got an incredible football history. They’ve got that mentality that we’ve got to be ready for!”

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