The BARCELONA megastar and 2019 BALLON D’OR WINNER chats about his footy life! Check this out…


LEO SAYS: “I remember when ex-Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o said to me, ‘Wait until the day you start scoring goals!’ Because I had a lot of chances, but I wasn’t finishing them! Then one day it clicked, and everything started going in!”


LEO SAYS: “To be the top goalscorer in La Liga, with what the Spanish league means, is special! To be honest, I think that’s one of the best records I have. But every time I go out on the pitch, I think less about scoring goals and more about the bigger picture!”


LEO SAYS: “Recently I’ve been looking into my set-pieces, and especially free-kicks, to see if the goalkeepers move beforehand. Whether they make a small movement, or not, how they react, how they place the wall… it’s true that I’m studying that a bit more!”


LEO SAYS: “Everything is work and training – and I’ve been getting better with training. We have a very high tempo – we finish training, go home to eat quickly and then go back out to collect the kids from school. They shorten my afternoon nap a lot!”